Coaching & Mentoring


Personal Development is something that is very close to our hearts in terms of the structure upon which our service provision rests upon. There are namely 2 components that falls under ‘Personal Development’ within our ‘Benchmarking Professional & Personal Development Program’:

a}  Coaching & Mentoring
b}  IAG

History of Coaching & Mentoring:

According to Oxford University, it is a slang for a tutor who ‘carries” a student through an exam.This was then followed by the term’s very first use in connection to sports in 1861.

In February 2016, the Association for Coaching and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council launched a “Global Code of Ethics” for the entire industry; individuals, associations, and organisations are by invitation invited to become its signatories.

Our Service:

We provide Coaching and Mentoring support to the following types of clientele:

  • Individuals.
  • Travel and Tourism.
  • Education e.g. teachers including SEN and lectures.
  • Health Care.
  • Business Organisations – (Public, Private and Community Charities).

Why Coaching & Mentoring?

There are a variety of Coaching and Mentoring models that we adopt e.g. for Business Organisations and Individuals we tend to adopt the GROW Model:

thinking of making  a CHANGE in your CAREER?


Looking into UPSKILLING STRATEGIES for your Staff?

just been PROMOTED to a NEW Job Role?

Manage a TEAM and looking for EFFECTIVE COPING Mechanisms?

We can help you look into various areas and deliver effective ‘Client-Centred’ Coaching and Mentoring Strategies that can help you as an individual / organisation.  For more information e.g. duration and Consultancy Fees, drop us a line | give us a Ring

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