China – U.K Summer School/Camp

“Let’s Make an Impression”

“Come and Enjoy a Cultural & International Experience with Us


Teaching and Learning is not limited to the classroom or school environment as we traditionally know. It takes place wherever the initial spark of interest is set off which also happens exploring cultures.

Welcome to our “Nurturing and Creative Zone for Young Minds“.

QuiSec & DIL works with students, families, educational establishments including other relevant professional organisations. Participants look forward and enjoy lifelong learning experiences encouraged by support networks put in place to nurture their innate knowledge and skills.

We believe thatchildren and young people are the Real Deal”

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QuiSec & DIL have partnered with reputable organisations in Asia and United Kingdom providing a “Nurturing, Cultural and Creative Zone for Young Minds”, a ‘6-Sense-Fun-Creative’ Learning Program to ‘Inspire’ the young and adolescent. View our vision and mission statements.

Target Audience:

Reaching from the very new beginnings (from the roots up) and nurturing upwards is a service and engagement approach that is very close to the core of our camp inclusive and engaging delivery model.


  • Gender: Girls and Boys
  • Ages:

a) 9 – 18 years of age: Camp Inspire & Children & Youth English Workshops.

b) 9 – 21 years of age: Youth Development Workshops & Exchange Programme.

Youth Cultural Development Programme Brochures:

Youth Development Workshop

Youth Cultural Exchange Programme Brochure



New Summer School Camp Partnership Openings:

We are currently seeking/accepting applications of interest from agents, schools and organisations for 2022 – 2023. Complete the below form and one our team members will contact you shortly.

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