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QuiSec & DIL have expanded their service business dealings into China introducing diversifying roles and quality driven-benchmarking practices within Education.

把 ‘乐趣’ 放 入 学 习 – Putting ‘The Fun’ in Learning


Our Aims:

To provide various opportunities within Information, Advice and Guidance, Youth Leadership, Entrepreneurship Skills including Cultural Exchange opportunities for our Chinese clients. This will facilitate active and inclusive (e.g. participants learning with mixed learning abilities) learning, resulting in deeper learning‘.

Education has come a long way, so with our expertise within the education field (over 20 years), we explore, develop and adopt various learning methodologies to best bring out knowledge, skills and specific talents within our clients.

Programmes on offer:

Personal Development & Training Participants – (Youth & Adults):
We have developed this programme for youth (ages – 9 – 18) to help them better develop a better sense of awareness in the world that they live in e.g. introducing them to the dynamics of interpersonal skills and how to better develop their existing knowledge and skills, discovering their hidden talents.


Personal Development & Training – Youth Participants. Participants will:

a) actively engage with peers by taking part in highly interactive training and workshop activities (suited to their ages) e.g. Enjoy and Achieve (Every Child Matters-Framework (ECM) UK 2003 ).

b) be encouraged to be of added-value to their activity group/s e.g. make a positive contribution (Every Child Matters-Framework (ECM) UK 2003).

Personal Development & Training – Adult Participants. Participants will be exposed to activities that will better position them to develop their abilities within areas such as:

a) team building
b) mentoring
c) communication engagement
d) self-analysis and critique
e) employability

Young-Entrepreneurship Programme:

Long past is the idea of adults with years of working experience being the only ones who invest in self-made businesses ventures. Technology is changing the way that we live and think, it is now more about creating and using ideas and interpersonal skills to identify, creatively develop and establish sustainable business entrepreneurship possible investments for future and stronger economies.


Young-Entrepreneurship Participants will:

a) develop a sense of contribution to their economy and society e.g. develop a sense of societal and economic sustainability
b) identify, create and use their given abilities in an incentive and productive way e.g. learn how to achieve economic well-being (Every Child Matters 2003 – UK)
c) develop a strong sense of innovation and investment
d) develop a more formidable and better sense of choices when making their transition from school to adulthood

Youth Leadership Programme:

This programme exposes youth (aged 9 – 18) to the pathways towards Life Leadership Skills. It also provides participants with various opportunities to develop their leadership skills, through structured workshops, peer-to-peer evaluation, outdoor trip experiences etc.The overall aim is to provide participants with experiences that can positively impact on personal growth, learning how to develop their interpersonal skills, and overall understanding of leadership dynamics.

We have high expectations for participants behaviour, attitude, and engagement in the program. Participants are also actively involved in planning their time which is covered in workshops and discussions, as they will be expected to set achievable goals for themselves.


Youth Leadership Programme participants will explore:

a) skill development (SWOT Analysis)
b) practice and explore team and leadership dynamics
c) how to make choices (SMART Objectives)

Careers Support – included as a part of programmes 1 and 4.

Entry into Secondary & University – Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG):

a) IAG e.g. entry to secondary school and university in U.K
b) coaching & mentoring – junior and senior levels

Cultural Enrichment Exchange Programme:

This programme ensures that whenever students are not in workshops, that they have a range of alternative learning opportunities available which they can actively be involved in e.g. in local life and culture of UK. This ranges from museum tours to historical location sites providing participants with everyday options satisfying their creative, intellectual and food culture ambitions.


Cultural Exchange Participants can be engaged in any of the below mentioned streams:

a) International Summer School Camp activities
b) Cultural Exchange visits to England and vice versa
c) Youth Leadership

Focus Groups:

Pupils /Students from:

Category a) Primary School
Category b) Secondary /High School – Inclusivity: SEN e.g. dyslexia and autism)
Category c) Pre-entry/University
Category d) University undergraduates

Ages: 9 – 16 years (Categories: a – b) | 16 – 18 (Category: c) | 19 – 22 (Category: d)

Our Delivery Mode:

Adopted approaches to our Learning and Training provisions:

a) Group workshops.
b) 1-2-1 Mentor & Coaching Support.
c) Outdoor visits and activities (sight-seeing).
d) Visits to established and thriving businesses – Entrepreneurship prog.

Activity Workshops
Some of our international workshop participants from around the world engaging in various activities


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Our Summer School creates an engaging environment for young people. Below are some testimonies from the Beijing College of Finance & Commerce.

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