We are NOW in Nigeria:

QuiSec & DIL kicked off its project program works in Nigeria – Africa focusing on Training and Management Solutions and Career Guidance in 2019.

Career Gathering & Summer Camps:

QuiSec & DIL will be delivering events such as Camp (9-16) ‘Camp Inspire’ and a Careers Gathering (pre-secondary, pre-university and *Corporate Careers) ‘Inspired Careers’, (TBA) We strongly and passionately believe that ‘Not only one cap fits all and that ‘The Future is Really Bright !’

Dates (Career Gathering ‘Inspired Careers’):

a} Day One: *TBC
b} Day Two: *TBC


For a greater flexibility we have set-up more than one attendance time for our participants/ attendees. As a result there will be TWO career gathering sessions at ‘Inspired Careers’ event on each day (*actual appointed dates in Septemberr to be confirmed shortly).

a} Session One: 10:00hrs – 12:30hrs
b} Session Two: 13:30hrs – 15:30hrs

Venue: TBC

Introduction: Careers Project – Programme:

Why Do This.png

The human mind is an amazing resource, however, we individual has a unique way of accessing learning and harnessing that acquired by sight, retained and translated by the mind. To tap into ‘Our’ amazing potentials, requires serious and creative ‘Thinking approaches (‘Thinking outside of the box’). Adopting a new approach to accessing ‘potential’ that ensures that children & pre-teens/teens achieve their dreams (and that of their parents!) hence, becoming successful individuals and adults, being of added value to their community and their country at large.



Our 6-Phase Momentum Anthem:

1} Learning does not only take place within a set learning environment e.g. classroom, as learning is not limited within such environments.

2} Learning and achieving really takes place when an individual hears, understands, accepts through participation and finally internalises what has been seen and heard.

3} Finding out an individual’s actual potential, is a key pathway to investing in their learning and productivity prior to full independence /adulthood.

4} A individual’s learning is something that has to be nurtured e.g. alot of Understanding, Patience and Quality Time.

5} A child’s/individual’s Potential is not always Visible and might not even be ‘Traditional’, hence it needs to be Pruned out given its own ‘Space to Grow to Productivity and Success.’

6} It is our joint ‘God Given’ responsibility, as Parents and Educators to support our children in becoming who they were meant to be i.e. Productive and Progressive Members of Society and Country at large – ‘We Owe it to Our Tomorrow’s Future.’

For more information about our camps and careers gathering events, click on links below:

a} ‘Camp Inspire’
b} ‘Inspired Careers’

* Actual Corporate Careers Gathering date/ Location in 2019, to be published shortly.

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