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‘Camp Inspire’-“Let’s Make an Impression”


Teaching and Learning does not only take place within a classroom setting or school environment as we traditionally know. It actually takes place where an initial spark of interest is set off gradually igniting the rest of the mind, which reciprocates for the engagement of the body and soul – We Welcome Students to our “Nurturing, Cultural and Creative Zone for Young Minds“.

QuiSec & DIL works alongside students, families, educational establishments and other organisations , making sure that participants look forward in earnest, lifelong learning and cultural experiences fuelled by the various support networks that we put in place to nurture their innate knowledge and skills in an added-value and self-fulfilling way – because we believe thatchildren and young people are worth it


QuiSec & DIL has partnered with reputable educational establishments globally, to extend our “Nurturing, Cultural and Creative Zone for Young Minds”, as a ‘Fun Indoor/Outdoor Creative Learning Program known as ‘Camp Inspire’. Camp Inspire as its name denotes, has been set up to ‘Inspire’ young upcoming ‘pre-adults’.

Vision Statement

“Through our engagements with parents, educational establishments and organisations, QuiSec & DIL – ‘Camp Inspire’ to be recognised as the premier organisation for engaging children and young adults in an interactively engaging approach, providing experiences that enhance their perception of “who” they are and clearly identify what they have to offer the world that they live in.”

Mission Statement

“To enrich the lives of children and young adults by creating an engaging, highly interactive environment nurtured by Educational and Personal Development Professionals.”

Core Values
We believe that:

  • ‘Every Child Matters’.
  • Culture enrichment in the life of the young is one of life’s essentials.
  • A condusive environment, promotes active learning engagement.
  • Children have diverse talents and each has its individual ‘added-value’.
  • No child (is) excluded from partaking in any of Camp activities.

Target Audience:

a) Pre-teens ( 9- 12).
b) Teenagers (13 – 16).



*Camp Activities vary according to each group’s dynamics


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