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Who we are:

*QuiSec & DIL Consulting is a UK supplier of Business Management and Educational Development Training solutions. Established by a team of UK’s well seasoned training professionals, from a plethora of employment specialities and government sectors formerly registered in 2016. We are a hybrid company:

  1. Part: Consulting and Delivering Training Solutions and
  2. Part: Employment and Recruitment.

QuiSec & DIL Consultants LTD

A training and consulting company that specialises in Business Management and Leadership with Women Entrepreneurship ventures. Bringing together specialist and independent consultants with a variety of expertise (in United Kingdom and International), our organisation is able to work effectively and efficiently within mentioned areas positively impacting on individuals, groups and companies/organisations. Our consulting services are designed services are bespoke (around identified clients needs and outcomes).

QuiSec & DIL Employment and Recruitment Services Portal

By invitation by a portal of employers internationally, we provide an employment and recruitment service to those within the education and business administration – Office work sectors. At present our clients are mainly international where we currently have projects running e.g. China, Saudi Arabia and Africa. In addition to this, a careers service coupled with personal / professional development provision is also available to clients.

We passionately and sincerely believe in the great potential of the positive impact of personal development on an Individual, Organisation and Community at large, in its outcomes: ‘Employee Improved Knowledge and Skills’;’Organisational Improvement, benchmarked business performance’ and ‘Productive Community Engagement.’


We are a co-founded/directed company which possesses a wealth of over 17 years of experience delivering training, learning and development within the Educational, Information Technology, Health & Social Care and Business Sectors in the U.K, including the Middle East. Such undertakings have been very successful as the result of delivering measurable results within a complex and challenging “payment by results” environments.

Our Vision:


ORM an organisational culture given over to Client-Centred Training and Development excellence at the very heart of service provision… equipped with exemplar organisational quality standard fit for industry benchmarking, opening the doors to the competency arena. At the end of the day -“Knowledge is Power.”

Our Mission:


STABLISH holistic approaches for clients/organisations Empowerment in the developing world including other places where quality standards and learning strategies are still very much needed. Invest and implement through knowledge enhancing frameworks – adopting quality based reliable working Models.

QuiSec & DIL Core Values

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