Project Keyworks – ‘Knowledge is Power’

Our Project Keyworks is a Coaching, Mentoring & Employability Program’, one of QuiSec & DIL’s projects currently being undertaken as a part of a consortium of global Professionals in Saudi Arabia with Professionals from around the world.

Vision & Mission:

The vision and mission of this project is to bring a seamless individual / organisational Personal Development and Empowerment through Coaching, Mentoring & Employability strategies to our clients both in United Kingdom and global (currently i.e. Saudi Arabia) businesses and educational sectors. Currently in The Kingdom, we are focusing on the 2030 Vision aspects within its proposed Education and Organisational implementation strategies (knowledge, Skills etc.), bringing more in line with world competitors.

We are also currently engaging with local businesses, Educational Establishments and other relevant professional agencies in Saudi Arabia (e.g. private / public organisations and governmental bodies) ensuring that this project is truly a ‘Kingdom-Centred Designed Project’ in other words, ‘Designed around the Kingdom for the Kingdom.’

Step into ‘Project Keyworks’ – with Us and begin a fully Strategised Journey towards The Kingdom’s 2030 Vision


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