There are numerous networking events that take place all over the world, so many people are fully accustomed to them. But how many times has an individual been to such a gathering with high prospects, but unfortunately, left without not being what was expected. This is the main reason why QuiSec & DIL have set up a networking arena gathering specifically targeting S.T.E.M. professionals – specifically targeted and clearly focused.

Our Vision & Mission Statement

To establish a relevant and current environment for S.T.E.M. professionals for the purpose of sharing S.T.E.M. employment, knowledge, skills and opportunities.”


To be outstanding in providing exemplar networking opportunities for individuals/organisations for and within:

  • Education e.g. teachers, lecturers, trainers etc.
  • Training e.g. S.T.E.M, business administration, customer service & hospitality etc.
  • Partnerships e.g. education, airline & travel, health care & medical etc.

Target Audience:

Employers within the following institutions/organisations – (both within the Public and Private Sectors):

  • Universities.
  • Polytechnics.
  • NCE & Teacher Training Institutions.

Core Values:

  • Everyone is a ‘Valued-Entity’, which we acknowledge via our Equal Opportunities and Diversity commitments’.
  • The accomplishment of Identifying and linking ‘talent’ within Educational sector.
  • Empowerment through Educational Networking between clients and employers within the Educational Sector.

What is the Difference and Uniqueness of our Shows?


At the very core of our Education, Office & S.T.E.M Specialists Employment show is “You” (participants). Without participants, there will not be a show. We rest on the premise that we PROVIDE an arena fit for Highly Specialised Employers to showcase their institutions / organisations under ONE roof, a perfect setting for all Educational Specialists seeking Employment to meet and engage.


  • With us, at THIS show, it is all about you. We create an arena where you get your future employees-to-be specialisms come in to meet up with you.
  • All preliminaries can be done on a face-to-face basis; cutting out the usual bureaucracy of recruiters (who in many cases are not even known to you, nor probably their sieving criteria).
  • You get actually get a first hand chance and opportunity to view attendees interpersonal skills (snapshot of whether they fully understand your institution’s or organisation’smission, vision and core goals‘).

Individual Educational Specialists:

  • You get to engage with specialists within your sought after specialism profession as to a group of recruiters from and for a variety of sectors – saving you time and money!!!
  • You get to meet up with those who really are KEY within institutions / organisations that you are hoping to link up with – sieving past all the long and frustrating protocol which many times does not actually play a key in securing a confirmed employment connection.
  • You get to network with likely minds – understanding where you are coming from and where you are aiming for within your sector specific (No ambiguity).
  • You get to share expertise (knowledge) in an added value way – creating potential professional links within the Education sector.

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