Project Methodologies

Underpinning Project & Framework Methodologies:

At QuiSec & DIL our Project Methodologies and Frameworks are based on researched and proven quality driven benchmarked approaches from project design to execution which we take very seriously e.g

Traditional Sequential Methodology:

  • Waterfall Approach.
  • Critical Path Method (CPM).

Agile Development Framework:

  • Scrum.

Change Management Methodologies:

  • Event Change Methodology (ECM).
  • Lean.

Technology Roadmap:

Planning applications adopting technological solutions for new a product/ process focusing on:

  • Matching short-term goals.
  • Matching long-term goals.


Our Team of Consultants Effectively Collaborate and Partner with our Stakeholders on Projects by:

a) Acknowledging Cultural and Language diversity.
b) Adopting easily accessible communication channel tools e.g. zoom
b) Carrying out a risk assessment and interim project reviews.
c) Sharing information with all team members as it becomes available.
d) Promoting personal development (if/when needed).
e) Careful selection of stakeholders.

Enhancing and Leading to:

a) Productivity.
b) Leadership & Management – A clear and strategised directive
c) Teamwork.
d) Motivation.
e) Commitment.
f) Quality Assurance.
g) Transparency.

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