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Learning is key to quality assurance delivery within any type of organisation or economy which is why here at QuiSec & DIL we always ensure that our consultancy liaisons with our clients supports them holistically. We always aim to


clearly identify and promote, through effective Professional Training and Development Strategies: Management Policies and Procedures providing effective facilitation within the workplace/organisation. We strongly believe in investing in individuals/employees for better and more progressive organisation and overall economy.

Currently, as a part of one of our engaging nation’s project (i.e. Saudi Arabia’s themes of The Kingdom’s Vision 2030), training and development ranks highly on the agenda. Thus, the ethos of empowering individuals as a pathway to self-empowerment and the development of creativity, with less dependency – “A gladiator fit and ready for the global arena.” – is very much our thing.

“أشد الفاقة عدم العقل “

“Lack of intelligence is the greatest poverty”

“أول الشجرة بذرة”
“A tree begins with a seed.”

“العلم نور والجهل ظلام”
“Knowledge is Light and Ignorance is Darkness”

Pinnacle Engagements


1} Saudi Arabia | 2} G.E.M For Women | 3} G.E.M Girls | 4} Quality Assurance for Education & Training Establishments | 5} Academic Research & Development

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