At QuiSec & DIL we are passionate about ‘Inclusivity‘ in all aspects of life and strongly believe that ‘this’ is also at the very heart of teaching, learning, development and progression towards an individual’s life goals (i.e. making them an added value asset to themselves and their local community), also key to our service provision.

We have decided to engage with NGO’s in Africa (i.e. currently Nigeria) and East Asia (i.e. currently China), to heighten the awareness of the ‘need’ to support parents and organisations touched by SEN experiences/ provide a community service for SEN individuals and families.

A Change is about to come. However, we ALL need to Embrace it”


Africa SEN NGO Project Aims:

  1. Meaningful educational engagement (Every Child Matters, 2003 UK), taking into consideration their unique needs.
  2. Network with individuals (SEN Professionals) and organisations to establish and promote exemplar SEN teaching and learning approaches.
  3. Engage SEN parents in a proactive and productive way e.g SEN parents open forums.
  4. Change negative preconceptions (mindset) of SEN and other learning/physical disabilities.

NGO Engagement East Asia 2017

East Asia SEN NGO Project Aims:

  1. Engage with NGO organisations and design and deliver bespoke SEN training workshops for youth.
  2. Change negative pre-conceptions (mindset) of SEN and other learning/physical disabilities.
  3. Act as advisers to coaching and mentoring for SEN staff within SEN NGO’s.

Resources on Global Backings on Disability Inclusivity:

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