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We live in a world that is ever changing/evolving as the result of personal and organisational needs and our environment – in terms of how resources are accessed. At QuiSec & DIL we very much value up-skilling as a development tool in terms of:

a] Accessibility of developmental information.
b] Usability/use and purpose of Information.
c] Forecasting becoming a REALITY e.g. career aims and objectives (Tasks and Activities).
d] Development of Knowledge and Skills.

IAG Ethos:

Everyone is different, certainly ! at QuiSec & DIL we really get that ,so supporting this ethos, IAG underpins each one of our training programs. Our training and practice embraces and endorses through acknowledgment and support from OUR specialists consultants:

a] Direction and NOT dictation is a must for Personal Development.
b] Every person has an inner ambition, waiting to be discovered, sometimes it just needs a little nudge (we are your nudge).
c] The life we all live is one heck of a journey and we NEED all the help we can get to realise our potential in terms of knowledge and skills.


Our IAG training and support comes in more than one form, see the below examples:

IAG 1-2-1_21.07.16

1-2-1-IAG – Research Support Resource

startup-photos (3)

1-2-1 – IAG Online Support Resource


Group IAGAdvisory Support Resource

Delivery Mode:

We realise and understand that the world that we live in is rapidly changing meaning that the way people /organisations access training for personal and organisational develop is also be impacted. Due to this we have also taken positive steps by using technology to deliver our services to our clients e.g.

1} face-to-face workshops and activities (1-2-1- and groups).
2} Telephone discussions (skype and zoom(chat and video)).

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