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At QuiSec & DIL we are great advocates for organisations to invest in training solutions that supports them to deliver ‘top-notch’ customer service. At the end of the day, whatever services or products it is that an organisation delivers to its customer it has to be done with the right attitude, sending the right message to its existing and newly-to-be acquired clients.

Our training resources and workshops have been designed and are ran by our consultants and instructors who are highly specialised within the fields of Customer Service Modelling, with many years of experience. An in depth Customer service ethos is combined with the psychology of human behaviour and interaction, in our programme and course design.

Research tells us:

  • that customer service reviews is what promotes organisations national and international profiles. People really want to know what others experiences have been about ‘the’ product or service – reviews are key to keeping, acquiring and LOSING clients /customers. (On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase. According to the White House Office of Consumer Affairs; It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience – “Understanding Customers” by Ruby Newell-Legner). According to J.Peat – TLE, “With increasing numbers of people switching companies due to poor customer service, the businesses that do choose to go the extra mile to create a good customer experience will reap the benefits.”
  • that resource sites e.g. ‘’ are on the rise and probably for still sometime will continue to do so – people want a snapshot into what an organisation’s service provision is really like e.g. company response time, attitude of customer service agents, support offer etc.(According to Moneywise (16th January 2016)”Around 10 million people use price comparison websites each year in the UK. They’re quick, convenient and save us a lot of time shopping around.”).


As key as Customer Service is within any given organisation, ‘one cap’ does not fit all, so we have designed our customer service programme to consist of 3 routes:

Route I:

Customer Service-Hospitality (Travel & Tourism):

  • This route is for those who are within an entry – middle level in the Travel & Tourism Industry e.g. flight attendants, Airline Customer Service Attendants, Travel Agency Agents, Travel Agency Receptionists and Admin staff.

Route II:

Customer Service-Generic:

  • This route is for those who are within an entry-middle level in an Official Setting as e.g. Receptionists, Secretaries, doormen (Security), Catering, Schools, Marketing – Sales, Nurses, Doctors etc.

Route III:

Customer Service-Corporate:

  • This route is for those who are at a senior – corporate level within their organisation, meaning that they are involved in corporate and strategic decision making that impacts their organisation and senior staff who they are responsible for. Such as: Pilots, Company Chairman / Executive Directors, University Chancellors / Vice Chancellors / School Principals /Vice Principals, University Head of Departments, Medical Senior Practitioners (Doctors), and Matrons.

Your job title / role not listed within any of the mentioned? Contact us for further information and support.


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