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QuiSec & DIL directors are existing UK S.T.E.M ambassadors, already sharing expertise and experiences within the specialisms by engaging with various sectors. Our S.T.E.M – EngAge programme engages individuals from S.T.E.M specialisms who have many years of positive experiences and they support our programme by serving as advisories. As an ocompany we also engage in ongoing programs /projects e.g Summer Camps, Career Gatherings etc.

How we STEM-EngAge:

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Why S.T.E.M- EngAge? Some of Global STEM Statistics:

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STEM Workshop-Series

S.T.E.M. Embedded Teaching Workshop Series


QuiSec & DIL’s S.T.E.M. EngAge Training Strategies ‘kicked off’ in the form of workshop series, mid 2018 and continues to run.

The main purpose of this workshop is to equip teachers, instructors, lecturers etc with the knowledge and skills to effectively embed S.T.E.M. specialisms perspectives into everyday teaching and training, being:

  • void of unnecessary technical jargon.
  • clear and easily understandable.
  • ready, easy, relevant and currently applicable to everyday life.
  • fun and engaging.
  • explorative and interesting.


The workshop series has been designed for individuals/organisations such as:

  • Education Establishments e.g. primary, secondary, university etc.
  • S.T.E.M. Organisations e.g Ministries of Head and Education, Travel & Tourism etc.
  • Employment Agencies e.g. recruitment and employment services

Structure of Workshop Series:

A five part series:

  1. Introduction.
  2. S.T.E.M. Elements: ‘Tools /Resources.
  3. Applying Theory-to-practice.
  4. Effectively Sharing Knowledge, Skills and Practice.
  5. Activities and Professional Development.

Click on image below to download – S.T.E.M. Embedded Teaching Workshop Overall Structure


(quoted fees are per participant)

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