As an organisation, we believe that it is very relevant and essential that we embrace an ethos to have a CSR commitment. Our passion lies deeply in delivering a service that is person-centered, in a way that takes ownership of a heightened awareness of the community and world that we live in.

We prioritise Knowledge, Skills & practice, with the support of our:

{a} Employees (Internal & external).
{b} Stakeholders (Internal & External to company).
{c} Local Communities.



{a} We provide research and support to educational establishments who gain from our professionalism on a pro-bono basis, positively engaging with individuals and organisations making our resources widely available to those who engage with us.

{b} We share our knowledge and skills with STEM (i.e. Science Technology, Engineering and Maths) related organisations and institutions who require support within specialised areas.


Community 2

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Environmental Awareness

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{a} Nearly 85% of our services are e-based.
{b} Where available we use only recycled paper and products, ensuring that our wastes are bio-degradable.
{c} We only print when necessary – Think Before Printing P

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