Career Transition & Talent Development

Types of Programmes:

We provide Career transition & Talent Development programmes both nationally (in UK) and globally to our clients (currently in China, Saudi Arabia and Africa) within:

  1. Leadership and Management.
  2. English Language – (everyday and corporate).
  3. Mentoring (Professional Support)
  4. Customer Services (Travel and Tourism; Generic and Corporate).
  5. Returning-to-Work.

Programme / Training Core Values:

At QuiSec & DIL, we place our CLIENT’S Learning & Development at the very CENTER of our Development Strategy highlighting:


  • Relevancy: Organisational Mission and Vision including their underpinning Ethos.
  • Organisational Tradition: Core Values.
  • Reliability: Credibility in relation to existing (sector) quality standards.
  • Task Analysis: Individual/ Organisation work procedures.
  • Holisticity: Encompassed Organisational knowledge, Skills, Experience within work setting.
  • Impact: Positive Outcomes and Organisation Development.


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