Programme – ‘Benchmarking Professional & Personal Development’

Our ‘Benchmarking Professional & Personal Development Program’ is another of QuiSec & DIL’s projects. This project is currently taking place in one of our international engaging nations (Currently engaging Saudi Arabia). The parenting project for this program is also being run as a part of a consortium consisting of key professionals specialising in Life Coaching, Mentoring and Corporate Personal Development.

Project Partnering Approach:

Our main focus is on the development of economic and thriving communities that positively impacts on organisation development through adopting effective Employee and Personal Development Strategies.

Current Project Developments:

The Kingdom’s 2030 Vision theme aspect of ‘A Thriving Economy’ as being central and achievable in The Kingdom, with the right passion and ‘all hands-on-deck’.Middle East (KSA):The Kingdom’s 2030 Vision-(within the theme of A Thriving Economy)

Why this Specific Project?


Europe Findings

KSA Vision 2030 Fiindings

Pan-African Development

Developmental Systainabililty

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