Project G.E.M For Women -‘Empowerment Through Wisdom’



How It All Started

QuiSec & DIL directors, after many years of engaging in Education (Lecturing and Developing Training solutions), Personal Development (Coaching & Mentoring and IAG), and S.T.E.M including work with engagements with various organisations concerning women and girls engagement, realised that a common trend became apparent. The fact is that women and girls have talents and skills that have gone unidentified /unappreciated and as a result disappeared over time. Such lost talents and skills that could have otherwise, not only benefit them but also their families and local communities as a whole.

Most significantly, the need to engage women and girls is not only important but also, most specifically for women, they need something that can work around family life, hence the birth of Project G.E.M. for Women.

G: Global; E:‎‎ Empowerment; M: Methodologies is an opening, empowerment engagement project for women and girls of all walks of life (i.e. ability, religion, race, culture and age) in Realising, identifying, Utilising and Embracing their Creativity – making them of an added value to:

a) self.
b) Family and friends.
c ) Community.

Target Audience:


Project GEM For Women Objectives:

a) better develop women’s career aspirations – to engage in community/national and
b) international professional business world.
c ) develop a professional understanding of business lingo.

Countries where project is currently available:

Saudi Arabia

a) Middle-East (Saudi Arabia): سكينة‎‎ – (‘Sakina’).



Project G.E.M. Brochure

Back in 2016 an initiative for women in Saudi Arabia started – Project G.E.M for Women. Supported by the involvement of various passionate individuals looking towards upskilling and developing entrepreneurship skills amongst womensurrounding families. As a follow-up to our ongoing initiative we are looking to follow-up in Africa towards the end of 2021.


In United Kingdom: 2023 – G.E.M. Summer School & Camp For Girls:


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