Gone are the days when learning another language was something likened to being ‘exotic’, nowadays and for quite a while now, a second language is more or less ‘key’ to everyday life and essential for career  and business development. The world we live in now is ‘one big melting point’, which means that somehow we need to be able to survive together, crossing that ‘unique’ language barrier.

There are quite a few languages that are steadily becoming the lingua franca of our day and most secondary schools in the United Kingdom (which we can safely say) teach at least one foreign language e.g. French, German, Mandarin or Spanish. However, English language is one of the most popular spoken languages globally. It would prove very challenging to carry out business where English is not spoken nor understood by an individual/s, it would certainly hamper any idea to establish international job and business dealing prospects.

According to the British Council, Mandarin Chinese has been predicted to be the second most learnt language in British schools with English being spoken by over 1 billion people worldwide. There are no two ways about it, in order to better position one’s job prospects, carry out business internationally  or for everyday life, there is a need to understand, speak including read and write the English Language.

So, now you are ready to take the plunge and study the English Language? for whatever reason it is that you have decided to do this, it will be challenging at first, but it does get better and ‘it’ getting better is tied down to a few things:

  • Your learning environment.
  • Your determination and resilient.

Your learning environment has a lot to do: 

  • Who supports you.
  • What and how you are taught.
  • What learning resources are made available to you.
  • Where learning takes place.

Most certainly, for instance, if you are supported by an instructor who is not very well versed in what they are doing (Teaching English language is not just about being able to speak and write it but also and more to do with your understanding of English grammar and punctuation and how to support others in getting to grips with the language), it could be exceedingly complicated to understand the very basics of the language, hence starting off on a very rocky premise with a rather ‘painful recovery.’

To teach and learn anything successfully in life, has to do with a significant amount of creativity and willingness to think outside of the box ‘the norm’ e.g. taking into consideration a learners background, culture, everyday life etc. Some degree of association has to be included and adopted for things to really make sense to the learner.

There are a majority of English trainers out there providing face-to-face and online training facilities – so the world is really your oyster. However, your environment matters alot, because it impacts in the way that you focus, engage and take ownership of what is being taught to the point that it becomes something that makes you an ‘added-valued entity’ or else what is the point?

Where any sort of training facility or programme takes into consideration all of the mentioned aspects and builds an engaging environment facilitated by suitable instructors PLUS you being ready to put up with the pitfalls, but get up and have another go and get on with it, you WILL get to your final destination and oh, just before we forget, we each learn at different paces, do not compare yourself to anybody else, remember ‘slow and steady wins the race.

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